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Happy Cats - Kitty Show Cat DVD Toy

Welcome to the Happy Cats section...

All Video files are viewed with the Windows Media Player if you have any problems viewing, you may need to download the newest players. All Picture files in the "Happy Cat Stories" require no special players to view.

We have tried to include different ways cat might respond. How your cat might respond will depend on his/her own unique personality and play instincts. There are as many ways to respond as there are cats. All pictures are from customers.

  • Four paws (and two tails) up!

  • Four paws (and two tails) up! Way up!

    It took approximately two twitches of a cat's whiskers before my owners zeroed in on your wonderful videos. We've only had them a few days, but Birds seems to be a slight favorite (or maybe that's just me). The picture of the blonde bombshell is Purrot, who has been involved in some pretty serious staredowns ("don't pounce til you see the whites of their beady birdy-eyes"). When Purrot adopted me 10 years ago, he was a poor starving orphan boy--a story he likes to tell me again and again every morning right about breakfast-time.

    As a kitten, he was a big-eared, strawberry blonde and absolutely full of himself. He reminded me of Ross Perot, the one-time presidential candidate. That, and the fact that his purr rivals a turbo-charged 747 engine, led to his name: Purrot. As you can see, he turned out to be, ahem, a good eater.

    Four paws (and two tails) up! Way up!

    My other 10-year-old, Sushi, is the smart one, and she is shown contemplating a day-time spider. She has investigated over, behind, under, around the TV but hasn't yet figured out where those son-of-a-mouse bugs (pardon our cat-fanity) are going. But when she does, it will be one sorry bug, to be sure.

    Thanks again for the wonderful work--we can't wait for your next production. It's at the top of our KittyKlaws Christmas list.

    TwoKatPadFour paws (and two tails) up!
  • It had her dazzled!

  • I am sending you this little video our of Miss Kitty the first time she saw your Kitty Show.

    You can see she loved it! It had her dazzled!". I had time to run and get the camera and start recording her! She would even stop and look for the Bird sounds coming out of the surround sound system. She is only 4 months old, But it kept her hunting off and on all afternoon!

    While we are watching TV, she Frequently checks out the screen to see if the bugs or birds have sneaked back In. The video is not entertaining for us (of course!), but watching her play with it, is as good Or better than anything else on our TV!! I leave it on for her when we are gone... so she Will stay out of kitten time-out!

    Thanks for the good work!
  • Ms. Gabby loves her new Bug DVD!

  • Dear Kitty Show people, Ms. Gabby loves her new Bug DVD!!! I have always been told cats can't see tv. Nice to know THEY were wrong!! She is all over the tv and sits and watches and watches.. I have a 35 inch tv in the living room and she is SO facinated.

    She sits on HER stool next to HER tv and waits for me to turn on HER dvd!!! I can't believe it,
    she now "owns" my tv and dvd player!

    Thank you SO VERY Much... I left it running for her today... so she wouldn't be sad with me away at work! I hope you enjoy the pictures. I will send more later next month. Thank you again

    Marion and Ms. GabbyMs. Gabby loves her new Bug DVD!
  • Two very happy Ragdoll cats in Ontario

  • Hi!

    Just a note to let you know that there are two very happy Ragdoll cats in Mt. Forest, Ontario, Canada who are now watching not only "Bugs", but regular TV as well. (I caught them hopefully watching Emeril cooking, waiting for the moths, and creepy-crawlies to put in an appearance).

    Here are some snaps of Kismet the first time I played "Bugs" for them. Kricket , (who is skulking in the background )finally got into the video after my film was finished. Both of them were singing at the bugs the first time, and a month later they EXPECT to see this EVERY DAY!

    This is a terrific product, my guys love it and my Mother's oriental cat Tao is nuts about "Bugs". He has been watching your competition (Video Catnip) for years, and he definitely prefers your video. Thanks for thinking of the idea!

    KellyTwo very happy Ragdoll cats in Ontario
  • I am so happy I ordered both DVD's!

  • Hello,

    We have had your DVD's for 3 months now. My cat, Pepper, is still watching them both. My daughters and I cannot decide which one she likes best. I say the "bugs" and my daughter's say the "birds".

    I have found Pepper to be happier and more talkative after watching them. She comes up to the TV and watches whenever we put in a DVD hoping it will be hers. She also has found the cursor on the computer screen interesting after watching her movies. She "bats" at each of them.

    I am so happy I ordered both DVD's. It has made a happy cat out of our house bound Alaska cat! Hope you can use a picture still of Pepper!

    DianaI am so happy I ordered both DVD's!
  • One of my cats is fascinated by the DVD

  • Hi!

    I just wanted to write and tell you how grateful I am that you created the kitty video toy. I have gotten a lot of laughs over watching my girls swat at the bugs on the screen. One of my cats in particular is fascinated by the DVD.

    Any time I put a video into the player, even if it's a people movie, she gets into her position by the T.V. and waits anxiously for the bugs... sometimes I feel so bad that I abort my DVD and put in "her" DVD instead! I've attached a few pictures.

    The one with Alora (the silver Persian) sitting like a gopher was taken the first time she saw the bugs going across the screen and she's been hooked ever since.

    Thanks again for such a wonderful product!!

    Lena (and Brook, Serena, Alora, and Emma too)One of my cats is fascinated by the DVD
  • Our cats loved it!

  • Dear friends, Our cats loved it!

    Central was found in Brasil´s Central Station (from the movie with the same name, a train station in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil), he´s a beautiful white cat and loves to watch Bugs, but he seems to enjoy Birds even more, he loved the preview as you can see. Magali is his partner, a very nice half british.

    Thanks a lot and congratulations for the fantastic work! Too bad our new TV isnt closer to the ground, as it would permit more interaction, but its good, were afraid of them jumping on the TV, etc... :)

    Flávio (in Brasil)Our cats loved it!
  • It's really an amazing video!

  • Amazing, I could not believe it, Savannah really loves this video! I never thought she would react so quickly, let alone at all. The moment the first bug hit the screen, she ran to the TV and began swatting.

    Then she tried to figure out where the bugs were going. After looking between the TV and the wood case, she figured a look from above would resolve her curiosity, so up she jumped.

    I knew Savannah was smart, but this was incredible. Just hilarious! It's really an amazing video!

    Bruce and Savannah It's really an amazing video!
  • It's a real treat for them!

  • I ordered one of your Kitty Shows: The Birds, and then ordered the Bugs because my cats (3) enjoyed the Birds so much. When two of my cats were watching "the Birds", I took a picture of them, as I was totally amazed at their fascination and attention span. I am sending you the pictures of two of my cats (the 3rd cat was sitting on a chair watching, but out of sight). I hope you enjoy these as much as I have.

    By the way, my cats still enjoy "their" videos. It's a real treat for them, and also for me, as it calms them down (to a point). Sometimes they're like mischievous little kids. They're spoiled, happy and I love them a lot.

    Picture 1 is of Jordan and Presley and picture 2 (bottom) is Presley (with Gordan at the extreme right waiting for the birds to come out from behind the TV. (green pointer pointing at him on right)

    Regards, Janies (Jordan and Presley)It's a real treat for them!
  • Cali already loves it!

  • Hi!

    Thanks to the recent article in Ladies Home Journal, I ordered the "Birds" DVD, and as you can see from the pictures, Cali already loves it!

    At first, the sound was coming from the surround sound speakers, and she was confused about where the sound was coming from, but we changed the sound to come from the TV, and now she associates the sound with the pictures.

    Thanks for the entertainment!

    Kim, Terri & Cali
    Cali already loves it!

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