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Frequently Asked Questions - Kitty Show Cat DVD Toy

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Frequently Asked Questions - Kitty Show Cat DVD Toy

Kitty Show is devoted to providing indoor cats with entertainment, exercise, mental stimuli and companionship when home alone. Kitty Show DVD's for Cats are based on over 2½ years of research involving cat vision, color vision and perception on TV screens. Another 2 years went into developing a filter to remove colors that mask or camouflage images viewed by cats on TV. During that time, research was done on cat posturing, hunting and stalking instincts.

With this knowledge, the first "movie" theme was developed.. Bugs! After 2½ years of filming and editing, Kitty Show's first premiere feature for indoor cats was born. "The Bugs" Video Toy. At Kitty Show, the motto has always been the same: "Quality, not Quantity & this we will never change".

  • What happens if my cat will not watch the Video / DVD?

  • When you buy directly from our Kitty Show store you automatically receive our Platinum Guarantee:

    If your kitty shows no interest, and a few won't, we don't want you to have to keep something that does not work for your kitty.

    Try it for 2 or 3 weeks, just in case your cat "needs some time". Most cats will enjoy, but a few simply will not.

    If your cat says no, then return to us within 45 days and we will refund the amount you paid for the movie(s). No questions asked! No forms are required. Just send them back, using any method you wish.

    Sorry.. We can not refund the S&H charges. Credit Card orders are refunded to the credit card used.NETQUOTEVAR:BROCHURE_IMAGE
  • Do all cats react the same way?

  • What we usually see happens within 5 broad personality types:

    Playful - Often attack bugs/birds from floor, stool or from on top of the TV. May "tell" you when it is time for a viewing.

    Intellectual - Occasionally paws, but more curious in where bugs/birds are going. Often investigates back, sides and from top of TV.

    Classy - Often relaxes and "savors" the moment, may even nap with short "glimpses". Many will lay with a paw touching the screen.

    Hunter - May often posture for attack.. extreme interest. May continue to hunt elsewhere in home or window during and after viewing.

    Hyper - May aggressively attack bugs/birds. Many become more relaxed after viewing and venting their aggressions and/or boredom.

    Remember.. Every cat has it's own unique personality.
  • How often and when may kitty watch

  • Whenever you go anywhere, just put the video/DVD in and let it play. There is a short "intro" at the beginning so you can adjust the TV volume. Then... the entertainment for your cat begins.

    Most cats respond very quickly, some upon hearing the opening sounds, but there are a few that will wait until you leave. Some cats may need 3 or 4 viewings before they catch on. Cats do prefer a stool so they can sit comfortably within "pawing distance" from the TV screen.

    You can't play it "too much" for your kitty. Our movies were designed to allow your cat to watch and interact when he/she wants to. Many cats will become acclimated to the sounds and may feel more "secure" when you are away and may enjoy a "deeper" sleep. Because cats have "short attention" spans, they will rediscover the movie many times throughout the day.

    Caution: Remove anything breakable from the TV viewing area, including items on top of TV.NETQUOTEVAR:BROCHURE_IMAGE
  • Which DVD should I start with?

  • That is a tough one! The best answer is all of them. Of course, some may want to start with one. Each cat has a unique personality. We usually suggest starting with the BUGS, as most indoor cats have seen them and "played" with them. Being we don't like bugs in our homes.. we hire Mr Exterminator to get rid of them.. thus depriving kitty from his/her favorite of "toys". Bugs in the TV are a lot better than in the home!

    You know your cat and his/her personality better than anyone.

    Video or DVD.. We always recommend the DVD. The advantages over VHS are: Continuous play, never wears out and higher quality. You just can't beat the DVD.

    Which ever movie you choose, there is a 60 second "pre-view" of the other movie at the end of the Video, and/or as a choice on the DVD menu.

    Often, kitty will "change" his/her mind as to which is their favorite. After all, that is a Cats privilege!NETQUOTEVAR:BROCHURE_IMAGE
  • What format and screen size are the DVD's in?

  • DVD's are full screen size. DVD's will fill a standard TV screen. On wide screen TV's, you can stretch the picture to fill the screen or leave as is. It will appear like a standard format TV movie would.

    DVD's are continuous play format, meaning they will play until you turn them off. This is a real advantage over VHS for kitties when their "subjects" are at work making money for more kitty food and toys.

    DVD's are in the NTSC format (American standard) but should play on modern PAL players (used in many other countries).

    Most modern PAL DVD players convert NTSC into the PAL format.

    This makes Kitty Show available to kitties world wide! Now that's an example of humans working for the benefit of cats! NETQUOTEVAR:BROCHURE_IMAGE
  • Why don't your Videos/DVD's have changing backgrounds?

  • Changing backgrounds are for people, not cats. Cats and Humans "see" things differently as far as entertainment goes. Humans prefer motion, plots and realistic scenes. Humans get bored quickly if the subject never leaves their location. An example would be a movie about firefighters, and they never leave their room. How boring.

    Cats, on the other hand.. are hunters. In fact, cats are one of the most efficient and successful hunters on land. One reason is because they "fixate" on their prey. Cats do not understand plots, nor do they have scene changes as they hunt. Cats see something of interest move, and will plot and study every possible plan of attack. That is what excites a cat.

    Changing backgrounds may actually distract cats, briefly making them loose their "plan". This can frustrate a cat, just like it would for humans when we are interrupted a lot when trying to focus on something important. Remember.. to your cat, this is real, not TV.NETQUOTEVAR:BROCHURE_IMAGE
  • Why do the Bugs color appear "different".. is something wrong?

  • Nothing is wrong, they look weird to humans, not to cats.

    The Bugs were filmed using the "Serpia" filter, developed by Kitty Show.
    This filter removes colors that cats do not see well on TV and converts them into
    colors and hues that cats can see well. The filter also enhances outlines,
    particularly on the wings and legs of the bugs. Cats will easily see the bugs with no masking or camouflage effects.

    To humans the bugs may appear as if tinted with a blue-violet or purple color. Kitty Show movies are for cats, not humans. We do nothing to make them interesting for humans. We do all we can to make them interesting to cats.

    For more information on colors, see "Cat Vision" section on Kitty Show.comNETQUOTEVAR:BROCHURE_IMAGE
  • Do you sell my email address or send me spam?

  • Your Email address is only used for 2 reasons.
    - To create your personal shopping account.. your username.
    - For us to notify you if there is a problem or that your order has shipped.

    Kitty Show does not believe in or endorse SPAM. We do not use SPAM to advertise, merchandize, sell or promote any products. We do not sell, trade, give or release your email address to anyone. Your email address is considered confidential information by Kitty Show.NETQUOTEVAR:BROCHURE_IMAGE
  • What happens if my Video or DVD is defective?

  • Simple.. We will replace the broken or defective item!

    When you buy from our Kitty Show Store, we will warrantee your DVD's for 3 years against any defects. If your Video/DVD order is damage in shipping, we will replace it. When you buy through the Kitty Show Store, we replace at no cost to you.

    We want our customers to be happy. No one wants an unhappy cat! Just call or email us (below), and we will fix the problem.NETQUOTEVAR:BROCHURE_IMAGE

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